Alchemy Evolution Group Coaching & Healing Program

Alchemy Evolution can transform your life!

About the Program
12 Week Coaching Program
✨Weekly Instructional Videos✨
✨Weekly Live Sessions✨
✨Access to the Align with Divine Membership Group ($130 Bonus)✨
✨One Release and Realignment Session ($299 Bonus)✨ 
✨Optional VIP add-on with additional sessions and 1:1 time✨

$1555 Early Bird Pricing ends 08/01/2023
$2222 Full Price 
Course Starts September 2023

Week 1

  • Introduction and what to expect from this program
  • Inner Magic, Alchemy, and Personal Power

Week 2

  • Understanding your Why.
  • Clarity on what you want and what's holding you back
  • Expansion of our expression, verbal communication, emotions and feelings.
  • Authentic Self and Working WITH your Ego.

Week 3 

  • Deeper dive and conversation about Week two's Aha moments 
  • Healing the Throat Chakra and the limits we place on our authentic self.
  • Letting go of cords and blocks to your self expression and authenticity.

Week 4

  • Heart's Desire - what do really want out of life?
  • Inner Child Wounds and examining out beliefs around success, and achievement.
  • Turning your passion into your Soul's mission.
  • Core Values and how to live by them daily.

Week 5

  • Review of week four's Aha moments
  • Healing the heart space.
  • Releasing blocks and beliefs to your hearts desire.

Week 6 

  • Understanding your power.
  • How to be the leader of your life.
  • Habits, procrastination, and self-sabotage.
  • Confidence and reclaiming your worthiness.
  • Letting go of imposter syndrome

Week 7

  • Review of week six's Aha moments.
  • Healing blocks and beliefs to your power center
  • Creating habits that stick.
  • Reclaiming your confidence

Week 8

  • Creative inspiration
  • The connection between passion, desire and your success.
  • Understanding how to ask for what you desire.
  • Reclaiming your feminine power in a masculine world.

Week 9

  • Review of week eight's Aha moments.
  • Deeper dive into feminine wounds and where they come from.
  • Healing blocks and beliefs to your creative center and opening up for more inspiration, creativity and passion.

Week 10

  • Keys to manifestation.
  • Fears and beliefs that keep you stuck in lack mentality.
  • Grounding and why being present is so powerful.
  • How to overcome blocks to your success.

Week 11

  • Review of week ten's Aha moments
  • Healing blocks and beliefs about money, wealth, safety, security, and abundance.
  • Allowing big dreams to come into your physical reality.

Week 12

  • Reflect on the tools in your toolbox.
  • Review of how far you've come.
  • Celebration and what's next.

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