Divine Healing Master Class - Online, Self-Paced course

I created The Divine Healing & Ascension Masterclass because I remember how it felt to know there was something more for me, but I didn’t know how to access it! I felt this inner power but had no idea how to tap into it or where to even begin. 
It was like a small light just wanting to be turned up!  A light I’d been hiding for far too long. I had been dimming my brightness to make others feel better, to feel more confident and powerful at the expense of my own divine brilliance.  
Once I learned how to reclaim it, my soul has been on a mission to help others reclaim their power, their divinity, and light!
The Divine Healing and Ascension Masterclass is 10 weeks of incredible healing, growth, and transformation!
 I mean, how good would it feel to: 
💥Have more confidence in your decisions

💥Release fear of being judged (yes, please!)

💥Heal those wounds you've been carrying around your whole life

💥Help heal yourself and your entire ancestral lineage

💥Gain greater clarity on what's holding you back from having the life you deserve

💥Understand how to tap into your Akashic Records to gain lifetimes of wisdom

💥Learn how to balance out your chakras and energetic body (clear out that energetic gunk!)

This Masterclass will help you heal, raise your vibration, and create the life you deserve.
Align with Divine to Heal and Thrive!
Online, self-paced 6 module Masterclass
What can you achieve by completing this Masterclass?
What does total transformation look like for you?
Join the Divine Healing Masterclass to learn how to heal the baggage that's holding you back!

1. Healing the Inner Child Aspect

2. Cord Clearing with Archangel Michael

3. Ancestor Beliefs  / Karma / Shadow Self

4. Feminine Wounds & Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine

5. Money Blocks & Keys to Manifestation

6. Rituals, Intuitive Tools, and Setting Time for Self Care

With each module, you'll have video course materials and a PDF workbook. 

There will also be accompanying meditations with the healing modules to give you greater clarity, wisdom, and healing.

The video content can be watched and absorbed at your pace.  Once you've completed the module, you can move on to the next one.  This is self-paced, and you can work at whatever speed you retrain and work with the information.

$288 that can be spread out over 3 months (payments of $100), or 4 months (payments of $80). 

You can also receive access to the Align with Divine Membership group to assist you even more with your healing journey.  A coupon code will be provided upon check out for this extra bonus! 

Bundle the Divine Healing Masterclass and Intro to Intuition for just $388 (Save more than $50)

7 Modules

Welcome to the Divine Healing Masterclass

Welcome to the Divine Healing Self-Paced Masterclass

This 7-module course will help you understand how to begin to heal wounds of your past to step fully into your most authentic life! 

I highly recommend you join the Align with Divine Facebook Group for additional support during your time with this course.  It gives you greater access to meditations that can assist your healing journey.

Join the Align with Divine Facebook Group for additional support at a reduced rate for 3 months!  

Ancestral Karma and Shadow Self

Talking about Ancestral Karma and our Shadow Self

4 individual videos to watch

The workbook is located in lesson 1 of this module.

Modules for this product 7
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